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Auaura™ shows audio frequencies in 3D.

A music visualizer for entertainment, meditation,
frequency analysis, sound healing, relaxing.
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1.7.5: improved 3D frequency, Hz - Oct 2015

3D spectrum analyzer - in real time
The main frequency, number in Hz, is on the left of the toolbar


The Frequency mode illustrates sounds, such as therapeutic Tibetan bowls or gongs, to determine frequencies and chakras. Sound travels easily through our bodies, and some sounds will resonate more than others with the different things it passes through. Practitioners talk about chakras as regions of the body as a model for rebalancing wider areas than specific health issues.

Frequencies are shown as numbers, and 3D from 1Hz on the left to 3.5kHz on the right. Time is from front to back, and volume is the 3D height.

Pure tone instruments work best, such as gongs, bells, bowls, string instruments, whistling and glasses. Often there are multiple harmonic frequencies visible even for sounds that are heard as a single note.

Classical music works well. Breath is a wide frequency range so voices, and also drums, are not as useful as string and metallic instruments to generate clear frequencies.

There are many ways to demonstrate frequencies as beneficial to health. A slow musical beat tends to be meditative or more relaxing while a fast beat will stimulate activity. This may be related to the heart beating at 1-1.5 beats per second (Hz), and we intentionally influence ourselevs with music. Stress can be relieved by meditative music or state of mind. Brain waves up to 30Hz affect the state of mind and consciousness.


The wave mode shows the exact waveform of the audio as a microscope would see the surface of a vinyl record. The front edge is an oscilloscope view of the current instant, and behind are several seconds of complete waveform information in a flowing 3D display.

There are a few milliseconds of time from left to right, several seconds of time from front to back, and volume is the 3D height.

The Full screen option is a more immersive experience, especially on a large display. Press Esc or click the mouse to return to window mode.

Auaura Pro

  • Professional edition for sound therapy practitioners.
  • Advanced frequency analysis with a wider frequency spectrum.
  • Auaura Pro members area for frequency research and access to Hugeaura research.
  • More frequent updates, including features exclusive to Pro.
  • Lifetime support and updates.

    Auaura Pro for practitioners and researchers is £249. Contact us for a download link.
    Auaura Pro is currently available free to those who have purchased Auramancy Pro.

    Download Auaura Pro version 1.7.5 using the emailed code, or ask us to resend.
    Download Auaura FREE version 1.7.5
  • The microphone makes a big difference. Notebooks filter away background frequencies for video calls so often cause a flat display. The microphone in the Logitech c920 webcam, even though we don't need the camera, detects almost everything clearly. The left microphone will be used if plugged in before Auaura is run. Also external speakers can make audio from the computer easier to pick up.

    For example the Logitech c920 has a good microphone for Auaura. (image links to Amazon)
    Auaura 3D spectrum analyzer Auaura 3D spectrum analyzer Auaura 3D oscilloscope
    Wave mode, a 3D oscilloscope showing every individual sound wave
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